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Title: The Most Expensive Schools in the US: A Glimpse into Elite Education


Education is often considered the cornerstone of success, and for those who seek the very best, the price tag can be staggering. In the United States, several schools stand out as the epitome of luxury and exclusivity. In this article, we will explore the most expensive school in the US, shedding light on its history, facilities, and the extraordinary educational experience it offers. Along the way, we will also uncover eight interesting facts about this prestigious institution. Finally, we will address sixteen commonly asked questions to provide a comprehensive understanding of this elite educational establishment.

The Most Expensive School in the US:

Located in the heart of New York City, Dalton School proudly holds the title of the most expensive school in the United States. Founded in 1919, Dalton School has become synonymous with excellence, providing a high-quality education to students from kindergarten through grade 12. Its commitment to academic rigor, innovation, and cultivating well-rounded individuals has earned it an unparalleled reputation.

Eight Interesting Facts about Dalton School:

1. Tuition Fees: As of 2024, Dalton School’s annual tuition fees range from a staggering $54,000 for kindergarten to an astonishing $58,000 for grades 9-12. This makes it not only the most expensive school in the US but also one of the costliest in the world.

2. History of Innovation: Dalton School is known for pioneering the Dalton Plan, an educational philosophy that emphasizes self-directed learning, independent thinking, and hands-on experiences. This progressive approach has influenced countless educational institutions worldwide.

3. Faculty Excellence: The school boasts an exceptional faculty, with more than 70% of teachers holding advanced degrees. These dedicated educators bring their expertise and passion to the classroom, nurturing students’ intellectual growth and curiosity.

4. Extensive Extracurricular Opportunities: Dalton School offers an extensive range of extracurricular activities, including sports, arts, and community service programs. Students are encouraged to explore their passions and develop well-rounded interests outside the classroom.

5. State-of-the-Art Facilities: Dalton’s campus is a testament to its commitment to providing a world-class educational environment. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, modern classrooms, and specialized facilities for arts, sciences, and athletics, it offers students a truly immersive learning experience.

6. Global Perspective: With an emphasis on global citizenship, Dalton School encourages students to engage with diverse cultures and perspectives. Through partnerships with schools worldwide and immersive travel programs, students gain a broader understanding of the world around them.

7. College Acceptance Rates: Dalton School boasts an impressive college acceptance rate, with 100% of its graduates gaining admission to prestigious universities and colleges. This remarkable achievement reflects the school’s commitment to preparing students for higher education and future success.

8. Financial Aid: While Dalton School is renowned for its exclusivity, it also strives to provide access to education for students from diverse backgrounds. The school offers a robust financial aid program, ensuring that deserving students can benefit from its exceptional educational opportunities regardless of their financial circumstances.

Commonly Asked Questions:

1. What is the age range of students at Dalton School?

Dalton School accommodates students from kindergarten through grade 12, covering ages 5 to 18.

2. How tall is the Dalton School building?

The Dalton School building stands at an impressive 10 stories tall, reflecting its prominence in the New York City skyline.

3. What is the weight of the Dalton School endowment?

As of 2024, the Dalton School endowment stands at an impressive $100 million, supporting various educational initiatives.

4. Does Dalton School provide boarding facilities?

No, Dalton School is a day school, and it does not offer boarding facilities for its students.

5. Is there a specific dress code at Dalton School?

Yes, Dalton School maintains a dress code policy that emphasizes neatness, professionalism, and appropriate attire.

6. What extracurricular activities are available at Dalton School?

Dalton School offers a wide range of extracurricular activities, including sports, arts, clubs, and community service programs, catering to various interests.

7. How large is the student-to-faculty ratio at Dalton School?

Dalton School prides itself on its commitment to individual attention. The student-to-faculty ratio is approximately 7:1, ensuring personalized educational experiences.

8. What are the school hours at Dalton School?

The school day at Dalton typically begins around 8:30 am and ends between 3:30 pm and 4:00 pm, varying slightly across different grade levels.

9. Does Dalton School provide transportation services?

While Dalton School does not directly offer transportation services, it provides guidance and information to help families arrange transportation through various means.

10. Can international students apply to Dalton School?

Yes, Dalton School welcomes applications from international students, fostering diversity and a global perspective within its student body.

11. Are there scholarships available for students at Dalton School?

Dalton School offers a limited number of scholarships and financial aid packages to deserving students based on need and merit.

12. Does Dalton School offer Advanced Placement (AP) courses?

Yes, Dalton School offers a wide range of Advanced Placement (AP) courses, allowing students to pursue college-level coursework and potentially earn college credits.

13. Are there any famous alumni from Dalton School?

Dalton School has a notable alumni network, including renowned figures such as actress Claire Danes, journalist Anderson Cooper, and singer-songwriter Carly Simon.

14. Are there any entrance exams or assessments required for admission to Dalton School?

Yes, Dalton School requires prospective students to undergo an admission process that may include interviews, assessments, and submission of academic records.

15. Does Dalton School provide support for college applications and guidance counseling?

Yes, Dalton School offers comprehensive college counseling services, guiding students through the entire college application process, including test preparation, essay writing, and interview guidance.

16. What distinguishes Dalton School from other elite educational institutions?

Dalton School’s emphasis on self-directed learning, hands-on experiences, and global citizenship sets it apart. Its commitment to innovation, faculty excellence, and holistic education makes it a truly exceptional institution.


Dalton School, the most expensive school in the US, stands as a beacon of excellence in education. Its rich history, commitment to innovation, and emphasis on holistic development make it a sought-after institution for families seeking the very best for their children. With state-of-the-art facilities, exceptional faculty, and a global perspective, Dalton School provides an unparalleled educational experience. While its exclusivity may be undeniable, its dedication to financial aid ensures that deserving students from all backgrounds can benefit from its outstanding educational opportunities.

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