Most Expensive Drink On Carnival Cruise

Title: Unveiling the Most Expensive Drink on a Carnival Cruise: A Luxurious Indulgence


Embarking on a Carnival Cruise is a voyage of luxury, leisure, and unparalleled experiences. Among the many extravagant offerings on board, there exists a hidden gem in the form of the most expensive drink, a true indulgence for those seeking the finest in beverages. Join us as we explore the realm of opulence and unveil fascinating facts about this extravagant libation.

1. The Quintessence of Luxury:

At a staggering price of $500 per glass, the most expensive drink on a Carnival Cruise is a testament to the epitome of extravagance. Crafted with the rarest and most exquisite ingredients, it is a drink that transcends the boundaries of taste and exclusivity.

2. The Unique Blend:

This extravagant concoction is a fusion of the finest aged spirits, including rare and limited-edition whiskies, cognacs, and tequilas. Each element is carefully selected to provide an unparalleled sensory experience that is second to none.

3. Master Mixologists:

Highly skilled mixologists curate this extraordinary beverage, utilizing their expertise to ensure an exceptional taste profile that caters to the most discerning palates. Their craftsmanship and dedication to perfection contribute to the drink’s extraordinary price tag.

4. Limited Availability:

Due to its exclusivity, this lavish libation is only available in select bars and lounges on Carnival Cruise ships. This scarcity enhances its allure, making it a coveted experience for those seeking the ultimate in luxury.

5. The Royal Experience:

Savoring the most expensive drink on a Carnival Cruise is not merely about the beverage itself but the overall experience it offers. Guests are treated to a personalized service, including a dedicated mixologist who provides detailed insights into the drink’s creation and flavor profile.

6. Aesthetic Brilliance:

The presentation of this elite beverage is a spectacle in itself. Served in a handcrafted crystal glass, intricately designed with gold accents, it exudes an air of sophistication. This visually stunning masterpiece is a feast for the eyes, heightening the overall indulgence.

7. Age Restrictions:

As the most expensive drink on a Carnival Cruise, it is only available to guests aged 21 and above. This policy ensures responsible consumption and adherence to legal drinking regulations.

8. An Unforgettable Souvenir:

Guests who indulge in this extravagant beverage receive a personalized certificate, commemorating their experience as a testament to their refined taste and appreciation for the finer things in life.

Common Questions About the Most Expensive Drink on a Carnival Cruise:

1. Can I purchase the most expensive drink on a Carnival Cruise without being a guest?

No, this exclusive beverage is exclusively available to guests on board.

2. Can I purchase this drink in advance?

Due to limited availability, it is not possible to pre-purchase the most expensive drink.

3. Are there any additional perks associated with purchasing the most expensive drink?

Besides the personalized service and certificate, guests also receive complimentary access to exclusive areas and events on the ship.

4. Can I share the most expensive drink with others?

While the drink is meant to be enjoyed individually, it is possible to order multiple servings for a group, subject to availability.

5. Are there any dietary restrictions for the most expensive drink?

Guests with specific dietary requirements or allergies are encouraged to inform the mixologist, who can provide suitable alternatives.

6. Can I take the crystal glass home as a memento?

Unfortunately, the crystal glass is not available for guests to keep. However, the personalized certificate serves as a cherished keepsake.

7. Can I request modifications to the ingredients in the most expensive drink?

The master mixologists strive to maintain the original recipe’s integrity. Hence, modifications to the ingredients are generally not accommodated.

8. Is the most expensive drink available on all Carnival Cruise ships?

The availability of this luxurious beverage may vary across different ships, so it is advisable to inquire upon boarding.

9. Can I order the most expensive drink outside of designated bars and lounges?

To ensure the ultimate experience, this drink is exclusively served in select bars and lounges.

10. Is the most expensive drink a limited-time offering?

While availability may vary, this luxurious libation is expected to remain a staple offering on Carnival Cruise ships in the foreseeable future.

11. Can I sample the most expensive drink before purchasing a full glass?

Unfortunately, samples of this exclusive drink are not available. However, the mixologist can provide detailed insights into its flavor profile.

12. Are there any non-alcoholic alternatives for those who do not consume alcohol?

Carnival Cruise offers a wide array of non-alcoholic mocktails and specialty beverages to cater to all preferences.

13. Are there any discounts available for repeat guests?

Carnival Cruise offers loyalty programs that may include perks and discounts, but they do not specifically apply to the most expensive drink.

14. Can I purchase the most expensive drink as a gift for someone else?

Certainly! This lavish libation can be purchased as a gift, allowing others to partake in the luxurious experience.

15. Is it necessary to make a reservation to enjoy the most expensive drink?

Reservations are generally not required, but it is advisable to inquire about availability upon boarding to ensure a seamless experience.

16. Can I purchase the most expensive drink through room service?

Unfortunately, this elite beverage is not available through room service and can only be enjoyed in designated bars and lounges.


The most expensive drink on a Carnival Cruise is an extraordinary indulgence that combines the rarest ingredients, masterful craftsmanship, and an unparalleled sensory experience. Available exclusively to guests aged 21 and above, it offers a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in opulence and refinement. With limited availability and a personalized touch, this luxurious libation is a true testament to the ultimate Carnival Cruise experience. Cheers to a journey of sublime taste and unforgettable memories!

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