Is Larry Fitzgerald Married

Is Larry Fitzgerald Married? 5 Interesting Facts About the NFL Star’s Personal Life

Larry Fitzgerald, the renowned American football wide receiver, is one of the most respected and admired players in the National Football League (NFL). Known for his incredible skills on the field, Fitzgerald has also managed to keep his personal life relatively private. One question that often arises among fans is, “Is Larry Fitzgerald married?” In this article, we will explore the answer to this question and uncover five interesting facts about his personal life.

1. Larry Fitzgerald is not married
Despite being in the public eye for more than a decade, Larry Fitzgerald has managed to keep his marital status a secret. There have been no confirmed reports of him being married or having a long-term partner. Fitzgerald’s focus on his career and desire to maintain his privacy may be the reasons behind this lack of information.

2. He is a dedicated father
While Larry Fitzgerald’s marital status remains a mystery, one aspect of his personal life that is well-known is his dedication to his son. Fitzgerald has been open about his role as a father and frequently shares heartwarming moments with his son on social media. His commitment to being a positive influence in his son’s life is truly commendable.

3. Fitzgerald is involved in philanthropy
Beyond his achievements on the football field, Larry Fitzgerald is highly regarded for his philanthropic efforts. He established the Larry Fitzgerald First Down Fund, a charitable organization that supports various causes, including education and helping children and families in need. Fitzgerald’s commitment to making a difference in society is truly inspiring.

4. He has a close relationship with his mother
Larry Fitzgerald’s mother, Carol, has played a significant role in his life. She has been a constant source of support and inspiration for him, even during his early years when he faced adversity. Fitzgerald often expresses his love and gratitude for his mother, and their bond is evident in the public eye.

5. Fitzgerald is known for his humility and sportsmanship
One of the most remarkable aspects of Larry Fitzgerald’s character is his humility and sportsmanship. Despite his exceptional talent and numerous accolades, he remains grounded and respectful. Fitzgerald has gained the respect of both his peers and fans through his genuine and humble demeanor both on and off the field.

Now that we have explored some interesting facts about Larry Fitzgerald’s personal life, let’s dive into some common questions that fans often have about him:

1. How many Super Bowls has Larry Fitzgerald won?
Larry Fitzgerald has participated in one Super Bowl during his career, which took place in 2009. Although the Arizona Cardinals, his team at the time, put up a strong fight, they ultimately lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

2. How many children does Larry Fitzgerald have?
Larry Fitzgerald has one child, a son named Devin Fitzgerald. He often shares pictures and moments with his son on social media.

3. What is Larry Fitzgerald’s net worth?
As of 2021, Larry Fitzgerald’s estimated net worth is around $50 million. This includes his NFL contracts, endorsement deals, and various business ventures.

4. Has Larry Fitzgerald ever won the NFL MVP award?
While Fitzgerald has achieved numerous accolades throughout his career, including being named to the Pro Bowl multiple times, he has not won the NFL MVP award.

5. What college did Larry Fitzgerald attend?
Larry Fitzgerald attended the University of Pittsburgh, where he played college football for the Panthers.

6. How many career touchdowns does Larry Fitzgerald have?
As of the 2020 season, Larry Fitzgerald has scored an impressive 120 career touchdowns.

7. Has Larry Fitzgerald ever played for another team besides the Arizona Cardinals?
No, Larry Fitzgerald has spent his entire NFL career with the Arizona Cardinals. He has become an icon for the team and a fan favorite.

8. What is Larry Fitzgerald’s height and weight?
Larry Fitzgerald stands at 6 feet 3 inches tall (1.91 meters) and weighs approximately 218 pounds (99 kilograms).

9. How many receiving yards does Larry Fitzgerald have in his career?
As of the 2020 season, Larry Fitzgerald has accumulated over 17,000 receiving yards throughout his NFL career.

10. Has Larry Fitzgerald ever won a Super Bowl?
While Larry Fitzgerald’s team, the Arizona Cardinals, made it to the Super Bowl in 2009, they were unable to secure the victory.

11. Does Larry Fitzgerald have any siblings?
Yes, Larry Fitzgerald has a younger brother named Marcus Fitzgerald, who also played football at the collegiate level.

12. What is Larry Fitzgerald’s jersey number?
Throughout his career with the Arizona Cardinals, Larry Fitzgerald has worn jersey number 11.

13. Has Larry Fitzgerald ever won the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award?
Yes, Larry Fitzgerald was honored with the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award in 2016. The award recognizes players’ outstanding community service and on-field excellence.

14. Will Larry Fitzgerald retire soon?
As of now, Larry Fitzgerald has not made any official announcements regarding his retirement. However, at the age of 37, retirement speculation has arisen, and fans eagerly await his decision.

In conclusion, while Larry Fitzgerald’s marital status remains a mystery, his dedication to his son, philanthropic efforts, close relationship with his mother, and exceptional character make him a highly respected figure both on and off the field. As his career progresses, fans will undoubtedly continue to admire and support this football legend.

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