How Much Is Victoria Gotti Worth

Title: Victoria Gotti: Unmasking the Net Worth of the Queen of the Mafia


Victoria Gotti, famously known as the daughter of the notorious mob boss John Gotti, has lived a life filled with intrigue and controversy. As a television personality, author, and socialite, Victoria has made a name for herself beyond her family’s criminal past. In this article, we delve into the fascinating world of Victoria Gotti’s net worth, exploring some intriguing facts about her life and career.

How Much is Victoria Gotti Worth?

Determining an exact net worth for Victoria Gotti is challenging due to the lack of available information. However, her estimated net worth is around $2 million. Despite her tumultuous life, Victoria has managed to build a successful career in various fields, contributing to her accumulated wealth.

Interesting Facts about Victoria Gotti:

1. Television and Film Ventures:
Victoria Gotti has made several appearances on television shows and movies. She starred in the reality series “Growing Up Gotti,” which documented her life as a mother raising three sons in a lavish Long Island estate. Additionally, she has made guest appearances on shows like “The Apprentice” and “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.”

2. Literary Success:
Apart from her television appearances, Victoria Gotti has authored multiple books. Her most notable work, “The Senator’s Daughter,” is a novel inspired by her own life experiences. The book became a New York Times Bestseller and showcased her talent as a writer.

3. Philanthropic Endeavors:
Victoria Gotti is actively involved in various philanthropic activities. She supports charitable causes such as cancer research and organizations dedicated to assisting children with special needs. Her commitment to giving back to the community is commendable and reflects her compassionate side.

4. Personal Life:
Victoria Gotti was married to Carmine Agnello, a member of the Gambino crime family. They had three children together but later divorced. Her personal life has been scrutinized by the media, but she has managed to maintain a dignified presence, often exhibiting resilience in the face of adversity.

5. Legacy of the Gotti Family:
Victoria Gotti belongs to one of the most infamous and influential mob families in American history. Her father, John Gotti, was the head of the Gambino crime family and was known as the “Dapper Don.” Despite her family’s notoriety, Victoria has successfully carved out her own path and distanced herself from her father’s criminal activities.

Common Questions about Victoria Gotti:

1. Is Victoria Gotti still married?
No, Victoria Gotti divorced Carmine Agnello in 2002 after being married for over 20 years.

2. What is Victoria Gotti’s claim to fame?
Victoria Gotti gained widespread recognition through her reality TV show, “Growing Up Gotti,” which aired from 2004 to 2005.

3. Did Victoria Gotti inherit her father’s fortune?
There is no concrete evidence to suggest that Victoria Gotti inherited a significant portion of her father’s wealth. However, being his daughter, she likely received some financial support.

4. How many books has Victoria Gotti written?
Victoria Gotti has written four books, including “The Senator’s Daughter,” “This Family of Mine,” “Superstar,” and “Hot Italian Dish.”

5. What other TV shows has Victoria Gotti appeared on?
Apart from “Growing Up Gotti,” Victoria has made guest appearances on shows like “The Apprentice,” “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” and “The View.”

6. What is Victoria Gotti’s involvement in cancer research?
Victoria Gotti supports various organizations that focus on cancer research and awareness. She actively participates in fundraisers and events aimed at combating the disease.

7. Did Victoria Gotti face any legal troubles?
Victoria Gotti has had her fair share of legal issues. In 1999, she pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor for using a stolen credit card and received three years’ probation.

8. Are Victoria Gotti’s children involved in the mafia?
There is no evidence to suggest that Victoria Gotti’s children are involved in any criminal activities associated with the mafia.

9. What is Victoria Gotti’s relationship with her father’s legacy?
Victoria Gotti has publicly acknowledged her father’s involvement in organized crime but has distanced herself from his criminal activities.

10. How did Victoria Gotti handle her father’s incarceration?
During her father’s imprisonment, Victoria Gotti took on the role of supporting her family and maintaining a sense of normalcy. She shielded her children from the negative aspects of their grandfather’s life.

11. Does Victoria Gotti have any siblings?
Victoria Gotti has three siblings: John A. Gotti, Peter Gotti, and Angel Gotti.

12. What is Victoria Gotti’s current career?
Currently, Victoria Gotti continues to pursue various endeavors, including writing, television appearances, and philanthropy.

13. Has Victoria Gotti ever been involved in her father’s business dealings?
While Victoria Gotti was aware of her father’s activities, there is no evidence to suggest her direct involvement in his criminal operations.

14. What are Victoria Gotti’s plans for the future?
Victoria Gotti aims to continue her career as a writer and contribute to philanthropic causes, focusing on cancer research and organizations aiding children with special needs.


Victoria Gotti has successfully made a name for herself beyond her infamous family legacy. With a diverse career in television, writing, and philanthropy, she has managed to accumulate an estimated net worth of $2 million. Despite the challenges she has faced, Victoria Gotti remains a resilient and multifaceted personality, continuing to make her mark in various fields.

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